Many private consumers and interior designers choose Moroccan carpets because of their modernist designs, which are quite colorful and dynamic, and their powerful sense of geometric structure.

Moroccan Berber rug

Women in remote mountains and plains are usually responsible for producing Moroccan rugs with fixed-heddle looms. Despite their characteristic characteristics, the carpets differ considerably from the tribes from which the women come. They can be almost monochrome, have muted tones or richly colored tones. Other carpets have asymmetrical designs without limits.

Moroccan Kilim

The women can use either plain or dyed white or black sheep wool. The dying is usually done with plants and other minerals, which are found in the respective regions, where the weaving takes place. For example, the herb is used in the planes to produce brilliant red color, while other is commonly used in the upper regions. The carpets have a variety of unique influences and characteristics according to the geography of the country.

The Moroccans use their rugs for various purposes, including decorating their houses and decorating themselves. The rugs were used as sleeping mats, duvets, saddle covers and even grave covers.

The weavers use their own primitive abstractions in the production of each rug. They craft the beautiful carpets by hand, and the craft tends to run in families, while the elders pass their techniques on to younger family members.

The carpets offer unique and timeless artworks, which are very functional in modern houses. Many respectable architects and designers recognized their beauty in modern environments,
the dynamic nature of Moroccan carpets makes them adaptable to changing interior architecture trends. You can customize the tastes and preferences of different homeowners and designers in many parts of the world. The wide range of styles and colors have helped the carpets remain popular for the past century. Consumers receive carpets that match their areas, whether they come from the hot Sahara desert or the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. The rugs can be used in almost every room by people from different classes.

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